What's on


Find out what we’re up to as a church in the coming year. The easiest way is to subscribe to our calendar in your calendar app, which you can do by following the relevant instructions below.

Otherwise you can download a PDF at the bottom of this page, or pick up a physical copy in church.

I use Google Calendar

Click here. This will open Google Calendar, and a button will appear to subscribe to the St Paul’s calendar.

I use Apple Calendar

Open your macOS Calendar app. Go to File -> “New Calendar Subscription…”. Then paste the link https://stph.uk/ical and follow the instructions.

I use Google Calendar

Click here, and then press the button labelled “+ Google Calendar” in the bottom right. 

I use Apple Calendar

Click here to open your iOS Calendar app. You will then be prompted to subscribe to our calendar.

I use something else

Whichever calendar app you use, you should be able to find a way to subscribe via by pasting this iCal URL somewhere in your calendar app: https://stph.uk/ical

If you have any trouble, email ben@stpaulsharringay.com.